Google : Le nombre de pages indexées peut-il influencer le classement d\'un site ?

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\ »\ », commence par répondre Matt Cutts. Avant de poursuivre :

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Matt Cutts continue alors son explication en ces termes :

“Now, typically, if a site does have more pages, it might mean that it has more links pointing to it, which means it has higher PageRank,” he continues. “If that’s the case, we might be willing to crawl a little bit deeper into the website, and if it has higher PageRank, then we might think that’s a little bit of a better match for users’ queries. So those are some of the factors involved. Just having a big website with a lot of pages by itself doesn’t automatically confer a boost, but if you have a lot of links or a lot of PageRank, which is leading to deeper crawling within your site, then that might be the sort of indicator that perhaps your site would rank just a little bit higher.”

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